СГГ-20Микро – portable flammable gas alarm

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  • control of pre-explosive concentrations of multicomponent air mixtures of combustible gases and vapors with air
  • search for potential gas leaks using a remote sensor
  • temperature range from -40 tо +50 оС
  • battery powered, continuous operation time not less than 14 hours
  • feasibility to data transfer via USB
  • high-strength shell (withstands a drop on a concrete floor from a height of 1 m)




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Type of gas alarm - individual
- diffusion or forced with the use of an exterior flow rate pump or from rubber bulb
Principle of operation
- thermochemical

Designed for protection of personnel against effect of pre-explosive concentrations of multi-component mixtures of flammable gases and vapors with air; leakage points detection of liquefied (according to ГОСТ-20448-90) and natural (according to ГОСТ 5542-2014) gases, hydrogen and other flammable hydrocarbon gases.


  • at enterprises that maintain gas supply pipeline networks or gas equipment
  • at refinery, oil-and-gas production department, oil warehouses, oil transportation enterprises
  • in production premises (boiler houses, gas-distributing stations, gas-distributing point), wells, basements
  • during operation of gas pipelines of low, medium and high pressure ( if there is a probability of forming of explosive mixture of gases of different categories) of underground gas pipelines and during repair-and-renewal operations

Distinctive features

  • high strength enclosure (withstands fall on a concrete surface from the height 1 m)
  • monochrome display operates at low temperatures
  • thermochemical sensor is protected  from overload
  • connection with PC is carried out through USB
  • possibility to save measurement results to the archive
  • possibility of quick replacement of sensor
  • use of thermochemical sensors of own production
  • possibility to select mode of gas alarm operation (continuous or cyclic, leak detector)
  • on special order the gas alarm can be equipped with auxiliary devices







ПГС - поверочные газовые смеси

Поверочные газовые смеси (ПГС) – государственные стандартные образцы (ГСО), эталоны, предназначенные для проведения корректировки показаний и поверки газоанализаторов.

Вентили ВТР, ВЗ, ВР

Предназначены  для регулировки расхода газовой смеси, подаваемой из баллона ПГС-ГСО на газоанализатор (штуцер под ПВХ).


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