АНКАТ-64М3 - individual multi-component gas analyzer of flammable and toxic gases

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  • simultaneous monitoring of pre-explosive concentrations (PEC) of flammable gases and maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) of toxic gases and oxygen
  • up to 4 measured components simultaneous
  • temperature from -40 to+50 оС
  • protection degree - IP 68
  • time of continuous operation - 16-72 h
  • warranty period – 24 months
  • interval between verifications 12 months




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Gas analyzer type – individual
Sampling – diffusion or forced (by means of exterior flow rate pump or rubber bellows)

Designed for personal protection. This instrument allows to monitor simultaneously pre-explosive concentrations (PEC) of flammable gases, maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) of toxic gases and required oxygen (О2) content in the air of working areas



  • tanks, holds and other rooms where lack of oxygen and presence of flammable and toxic gases pose a threat to human health or explosion hazard
  • oil and gas processing and transportation
  • in the course of work, including fire and gas hazardous works, for the repair of main pipelines at the facilities of the main pipeline transportation of oil and oil products

Distinctive features

  •  generation of sound, light and vibration warning “ALARM” on command of operator allows operator to warn about unforeseen threat by means of pressing the button
  •  function of warning of end of sensor service life, that is to be replaced, minimizes down time and replenishment of trade stock
  •  function of calculation of concentration monthly average on each of measured components
  •  prohibition or permission of gas analyzer switching off indicating prohibition time interval
  •  high level of ingress protection IР 68 allows not only to use gas analyzer in contaminated conditions as gas-and carbon dust-hazardous mines, and allows gas analyzer to ensure safe operation even at full short-term submersion
  •  possibility of actuation thresholds readjustment during gas analyzer switching on by means of embedded software



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