АНКАТ-7631Микро – portable toxic gas and oxygen gas analyzer

Data on equipment

  • measuring of MPCof one of the components CO, HCl, H2S, NH3, Cl2, SO2, NO2 or O2
  • temperature range -40 up to+60 оС
  • enclosure protection degree - IP 68
  • alarm types: light/sound/vibration
  • period of continuous operation 500 h
  • warranty period - 18 months




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Gas analyzer type – individual

Sampling - diffusion or forced by means of exterior flow rate pump or rubber bulb

Principle of operation – electrochemical

Designed for monitoring of excess or lack of oxygen, content of toxic gases in the air of working area to ensure personnel safety.


  • in industries and processes of extraction, treatment, transportation and storage of gas, oil and oil products
  • at plants and facilities that use toxic gases and/or oxygen in technological processes and have storehouses and/or units for their production; at cold-store facilities
  • for maintenance of wells, tunnels, treatment facilities, etc.
  • on objects of river and marine transport, ports, tankers and vessels of various purpose


Distinctive features


  • monochrome display shows gas concentrations in real-time mode
  • rubber covered shock-proof enclosure (withstands drop onto concrete floor from a height of 1 m)
  • compact and light construction makes the device convenient for carrying
  • non-volatile memory with option of data transfer to PC
  • optionally alarm can be furnished with auxiliary devices for gas analyzers
  • possibility to readjust of alarm actuation thresholds when the device is switched on using built-in software





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