Oxygen analyzer АКВТ-01, -02, -03 – fixed gas analyzer for optimization of combustion processes

Data on equipment

  • optimal fuel-air ratio
  • continuous monitoring of content of oxygen or oxygen and carbon monoxide
  • immersion sensor
  • protection degree - IP54
  • compatibility with PC
  • digital indication
  • service life of sensor - 5 years      


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Gas analyzer type - fixed
Principle of operation - electrochemical (based on ZrO2) and thermocatalytic (based on СО)
Sampling - diffusion (АКВТ-01, АКВТ-02); forced (АКВТ-03)

 Designed for measuring of oxygen volume fraction (АКВТ-01, -02) or oxygen and carbon monoxide (АКВТ-03) and alarm generation indicating that the set threshold values has reached for optimization of combustion processes, support optimal fuel-air ratio and prevention of chemical underburning. 



  • АКВТ-01, АКВТ-03 (general purpose industrial version) - at heat power plants, in boiler units of  heat power stations
  • АКВТ-02 (explosion-proof version) – installation in hazardous areas on incinerators of  oil refinery and similar objects


 Distinctive features

  • immersion sensor
  • gas analyzer operates without reference gas
  • current output for automatic control with the possibility to set a range using software
  • service life of sensor - 5 years
  • programmable thresholds
  • use of gas analyzer without sample preparation unit
  • wide temperature range
  • explosion-proof version
  • in АКВТ-03 max length of connection cable between power supply and processing unit (PSPU) and sensors unit (SU) not more 50 m
  • in АКВТ-01 separation of  PSPU and probe at a distance  up to 125 m (on separate order)
  • gas analyzer is powered from AC mains of voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
  • warm-up time not more 4 h
  • all versions of  gas analyzer have “dry” relay contacts (220 V, 2,5 А), unified current signals (0 - 5) and (4 - 20) mА and communication channel RS 485 MODBUS.RTU for connection of external devices (PC).


 Gas analyzers consist of:

  • АКВТ-01: power supply and processing unit (PSPU) and probe fixed on chassis
  • АКВТ-02: monoblock with probe immersed in gas flow
  • АКВТ-03: power supply and processing unit (PSPU) and sensors unit (SU)








БП-1/БП-1-А (атомное исполнение) – блок пробоподготовки (ИБЯЛ.418311.023/418311.048)

Предназначены для подачи газовой смеси на газоанализатор, очистки ее от механических примесей, обеспечения визуального контроля расхода.

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