КГО (Set of Gas Analysis Equipment) - gas analysis system for process and ecological monitoring

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  • process monitoring in various branches of industry
  • protection degree – from IP 20 to  IP 65
  • temperature of monitored medium – 1500°С
  • ambient temperature – from -50 to +80°С
  • high measurement accuracy
  • lack of influence of aggressive media



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   Set of gas analysis equipment (SGAE) for process, ecological monitoring and monitoring of atmosphere of production facilities at the level of maximum permissible concentration (MPC of working area) and pre-explosive concentration (PEC). Set of analysis equipment (SAE) for monitoring of water chemistry of boiler units.

Application and purpose

  • metallurgy: analysis of composition of blast furnace gases, monitoring of oxygen content in coke oven gas, monitoring of carbon monoxide (CO) content in exhaust gases of steelmaking furnaces, monitoring of exhaust gases of various furnaces, analysis of purity of gases at gas separation plants
  • chemical, petrochemical and oil-refining industry: gas analysis at methane conversion plants, ammonia synthesis, methanol and nitrogen fertilizers production, oxygen analysis in hydrocarbon gases (bitumen plants, vacuum devices), sulfur dioxide (SO2) monitoring in sulfuric acid production, gas purity analysis at gas separation plants, gas contamination monitoring of facilities at PEC of combustible gases and MPC of working area of harmful and toxic substances with the transmission of information to the central post via communication lines or radio channel (GSM-modem), monitoring of combustion gases and calculation of gross emissions of various fuel combustion plants
  • mechanical engineering: analysis of composition of RX gas from RX generator and composition of furnace atmosphere in carburizing and nitrocarburizing furnaces with the function of adjusting the process technology and calculating the carbon potential
  • woodworking industry (cellulose production), production of building materials: analysis of composition of exhaust gases of furnace, including those rotating in cement plants
  • power engineering and heat power engineering: analysis of exhaust gases of boiler units with calculation of gross emissions, monitoring of hydrogen purity in generator sets and its leaks, monitoring of O2 and H2 purity during electrolysis of water at electrolysis stations, monitoring of hydrogen and oxygen content in hydrogen destruction systems at nuclear power plants, monitoring of water chemistry of boiler units and chemical water treatment
  • housing and communal sector: apartment control of gas leaks (gas contamination) in residential buildings with the transmission of information to the central post by radio channel or GSM-modem
  • petroleum storage depot, warehouses of oil products, loading and unloading terminals: monitoring of gas content of flammable gases and vapors at the level of the PEC with transmission of information to the central post via communication lines or by radio channel
  • ecological monitoring at industrial enterprises, stationary and mobile posts of ecological monitoring: monitoring of mass concentration of pollutants emitted into atmosphere by industrial enterprises, analysis of concentrations of pollutants and toxic substances contained in the atmospheric air of sanitary and residential areas


Depending on the assigned task SGAE can be:

  • multifunctional, multicomponent, multichannel
  • sampling: forced or diffusion of continuous monitoring
  • operating principle: electrochemical, thermomagnetic, thermoconductometric, optical absorption, thermochemical, paramagnetic etc.
  • version: explosion-proof or general purpose industrial

Example of SGAE completeness:

  • sampling probe with coarse filter for installation in gas pipe at temperature up to 1500°С, allows reverse flow with compressed air (automatic or manual) (length of immersion part on order)
  • impulse line for sample transportation, heated or not heated, heating temperature above dew point (length on order)
  • set of sample preparation in order to exclude the influence of moisture with automatic or manual discharge of condensate, mechanical impurities, aggressive impurities, with forced sampling using a flow rate pump or ejector (due to overpressure at the inlet)
  • measuring instrument (gas analyzer or gas analyzers)

Example of SAE completeness:

  • ion activity analyzers (рН, рNa, рК, рХ, Eh, t°)
  • oxygen analyzer in feed water
  • hardness gauge
  • conductometer
  • sample preparation devices  SPD
  • instrument racks IR



to order the system, you need to fill out a questionnaire and send it to our e-mail address info@analitpribor-smolensk.ru

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