АНКАТ-410 – fixed multi-component gas analyzer of industrial emissions

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  • process and ecological monitoring
  • measurement of О2, СО, СО2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, HCl, NH3, Cl2, ΣСН and evaluation of NOx, , excess air factor α, СО2
  • temperature from +5 to +45 оС
  • period of gas analyzer operation without readings adjustment – not less 6 months
  • digital output - RS 232 / RS 485



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Gas analyzer type - fixed
Principle of measurement - electrochemical (on СО2, ΣСН channels – optical absorption)
Operation mode – continuous or cyclic
Sampling - forced (by means of exterior flow rate pump or gauge pressure)

Designed for measurement of О2, СО, СО2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, HCl, NH3, Cl2, ΣСН and evaluation of  NOx, excess air factor α, СО2 in various processes and systems for environment polluting emissions monitoring




  • fuel combustion and process facilities of power industries
  • metallurgy, glass, chemical and petrochemical industries
  • constructional materials manufacturing plants, rail transport


 Distinctive features

  • display of data on each channel on four-line LCD indicator
  • software-controlled alarm thresholds (Thresholds 1 and Threshold 2) on each channel
  • selection of fuel type and input of soot index, coefficient of fuel, selection of  measurement units, input of date and time with keyboard and via RS232 or RS485
  • 6 software-controlled relays assigned to actuate from alarms “Threshold 1” and “Threshold 2” on selected measuring channel
  • non-volatile memory for storage of up to 1000 measurements
  • 2 current outputs: type  -  (0 - 5) or (4 - 20) mA, correspondence to measuring channel – selected via software
  • RS485 digital output with MODBUS RTU Protocol for data exchange
  • function of self-testing with output of data on LCD or via RS232 and RS485 channels
  • Procedure of industrial emissions monitoring with the use of АНКАТ-410 has been agreed in FSUE “SRI Atmosphere”
  • АНКАТ-410-16 is approved for diesel locomotive and diesel train emission monitoring at environment monitoring stations in accordance with СТ СС ФЖТ ЦТ 09-98 and СТ СС ФЖТ ЦТ 07-99 of FSUE “All-Russian Research and Technology Institute of Railway System of Ministry of Transportation of Russia”







ПГС - поверочные газовые смеси

Поверочные газовые смеси (ПГС) – государственные стандартные образцы (ГСО), эталоны, предназначенные для проведения корректировки показаний и поверки газоанализаторов.

ИР - индикаторы расхода

Предназначены для визуального наблюдения за расходом газовой смеси (ПГС-ГСО) определнной величины, обозначенной риской.

Вентили ВТР, ВЗ, ВР

Предназначены  для регулировки расхода газовой смеси, подаваемой из баллона ПГС-ГСО на газоанализатор (штуцер под ПВХ).

ИРР - индикаторы-регуляторы расхода

Предназначены для визуального наблюдения за наличием расхода газовой смеси (ПГС-ГСО) определенной величины, обозначенной риской, а также изменение расхода пробы с помощью регулятора.

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