Oxygen gas analyzer (atomic version) ГТМ-5101М-А

Data on equipment


  • process monitoring at NPP
  • continuous measurement of oxygen volume fraction in nitrogen
  • ambient temperature from +5 to +50 оС
  • digital signal RS 232
  • protection degree - IP54
  • 4 alarm thresholds


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Gas analyzer type - fixed
Sampling - forced
Principle of operation - thermomagnetic
Version – atomic

Designed for measurement of oxygen volume fraction in process gas mixtures.


Application: process monitoring at NPP

Distinctive features

  • gas analyzers belong to elements of normal operation controlling systems of (NOCS), class 3Н according to ПН АЭ Г-01-011-97
  • all gas analyzers ГТМ-5101М-А and auxiliary equipment for them pass acceptance of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor)
  • protection degree of gas analyzer enclosure - IР54
  • variants of climatic versions:  ТМ3 (export)
  • in case parameters of gas mixture at gas analyzer inlet do not coincide with the ones given above, sample preparation unit БП-1-А or separate auxiliary devices (cooler ХК-3А (ИБЯЛ.065142.005), frigistor-А (ИБЯЛ.418316.016), safety valve ИБЯЛ.301122.044, fine adjustment valve ВТР (ИБЯЛ.306577.002-04)), that are supplied on separate order, can be used
  • digital indication of measured component content
  • 4 alarm thresholds
  • commutation of external circuits by one group of switching relay contacts upon alarm actuation
  • output of data on measured components concentration through current output of  0-5 or 4-20 mA (switchable) and via RS232






Recommended equipment