Flammable gas leak detector – ИТ-М Микро

Data on equipment


  • detection of leakage points of liquefied and natural gases
  • light/sound alarm
  • temperature range from -40 to +50 оС
  • protection degree -  IP 54
  • warranty period – 18 months
  • connection with PC through mini USB
  • operating time without recharging - 7 h



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Type of detector – individual
Sampling – by diffusion
Principle of operation - thermochemical

Designed for detection of leakage points of liquefied (according to ГОСТ 20448-90) and natural  (according to ГОСТ 5524-87) gases, hydrogen, ammonia, hydrocarbons and khladons.



  • open sites and premises of gas production and transportation facilities, energy and other branches of industry
  • objects of gas supply facility, basements, wells
  • in motor transport services for inspection of automotive gas equipment

Distinctive features

  • provides continuous measuring of liquefied (according to ГОСТ 20448-901) and natural  (according to ГОСТ 5524-87) gases and generation of light and sound alarm if they reach the set threshold values
  • ИТ-М Микро provides indication increase (decrease) of flammable gases concentration in monitored medium in regard to the level accepted conventionally as zero level (background level)
  • detector consists of enclosure and thermochemical sensor unit placed on the bar; cable length between sensor and enclosure – 1,5 m (manufacturing of leak detector with embedded sensor is possible on special order)






ПГС - поверочные газовые смеси

Поверочные газовые смеси (ПГС) – государственные стандартные образцы (ГСО), эталоны, предназначенные для проведения корректировки показаний и поверки газоанализаторов.

ИР - индикаторы расхода

Предназначены для визуального наблюдения за расходом газовой смеси (ПГС-ГСО) определнной величины, обозначенной риской.

Вентили ВТР, ВЗ, ВР

Предназначены  для регулировки расхода газовой смеси, подаваемой из баллона ПГС-ГСО на газоанализатор (штуцер под ПВХ).

Recommended equipment