FSUE SPA Analitpribor - СОУ1 - carbon oxide gas alarm СО

Data on equipment


  • monitoring of carbon oxide (СО) in air
  • light/sound alarm
  • temperature range from -10 to +50 оС
  • possibility of connection to supervisory console ДИСП
  • service life -  not less 10 years
  • enclosure protection degree - IP 30



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Type of gas alarm - fixed
Sampling - diffusion
Principle of operation - electrochemical

Designed for light and sound alarm generation when carbon oxide concentration exceeds the preset threshold values in air of working and residential premises.



  • in boiler houses
  • in residential sector of municipal engineering
  • at parking, in garages and other objects where carbon monoxide emission and accumulation is possible


Distinctive features

  • availability of dry relay contacts with increased load capacity that allows to switch on (off) ventilation, alarm and other executive devices
  • availability of  external input “emergency that allows to connect devices in loop  with gas alarms  СТГ-1 and СГГ-6М or to connect them to fire or burglar alarm
  • availability of  “test” button that allows to check functionality of device and shutoff valves without the use of gas mixtures
  • possibility of connection to supervisory console ДИСП or similar devices
  • connection by means of terminal connections
  • possibility of independent setting of operation modes after device switching on – automatic passing into operating mode with opening of network valve - "О" or switching of emergency alarm opening of network valve after pressing of the button "reset" - "В"


Possible content of system
Carbon oxide gas alarm СОУ-1.
Valves КЭГ 9720 ИБЯЛ.685181.001 -11 (DN 65, Р=0,1МPа), -12 (DN 65, Р=0,4МPа), -13 (DN 80, Р=0,1МPа), -14 (DN 80, Р=0,4МPа) -220V.
Supervisory console ДИСП ИБЯЛ.465213.003.
Flammable gas alarm СГГ-6М.





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