Warranty and post-warranty service

Warranty and post-warranty service


FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” constantly seeks to improve quality of manufactured products, increase the period between device readings adjustments (known as interval between calibrations) and warranty period. Nowadays a warranty period (specified in operation manual/ certificate) practically for all products is up to 18-24 months after the date of shipment to the consumer.


All measuring facilities are supplied verified. We would remind you that according to the measurement assurance policy accepted in the Russian Federation, all measuring facilities must be verified annually.


Upon receipt of a device we recommend you to do the following:


-         perform inspection of shipping container, integrity of package and absence of damages;

-         perform inspection of box contents, check device delivery set;

-         perform visual inspection of device;

-         according to inspection results a report is drawn up, if necessary.


Before using a device, please, read an Operation manual carefully and follow the recommendations specified herein. Do not let unskilled personnel to use devices! According to our statistics the majority of devices failures are occurred as a result of improper operation.


Warranty repair procedure: 

-         it is necessary to send a complete set of a device (except SPTA) to the address of FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” prior to the expiration of the warranty period specified in the operation manual;

-          to conform the warranty period it is necessary to provide:

-         copy of invoice or;

-         data sheet from manufacturer package, where the date of device shipment is specified;

-         together with the device it is necessary to send:

-         malfunction report signed by the authorized person (persons) and certified with the stamp of the organization;

-         a covering letter with the following information:

-         device name and serial number;

-         type of fault;

-         way of devices shipment after repair;

-         postal address of the consumer;

-         full name and phone of executor.

-         in case of a device fault caused by the manufacturer and depending on complexity of warranty repair, repair period will be not more than three weeks from the day on which FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” receives a device.


Paid (non-warranty) repair and maintenance procedure: 


-         it is necessary to send a complete set of devices (except SPTA) to the address of FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” on the expiry of the warranty period;

-         with devices it is necessary to send a covering letter addressed to V. N. Antonov Director General of FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor”, the letter should be certified with a signature of the executive and the stamp of the organization and should contain:

-         guaranty of payment of performed repair/maintenance of devices;

-         types and serial numbers of devices;

-         types of fault;

-         way of devices shipment after repair;

-         postal address of the consumer;

-         full name and phone of executor;

-         repair and maintenance period depends of complexity and it is approximately three weeks from the day of payment of an invoice (100 % prepayment);

-         an invoice is issued on basis of preliminary repair determination. Final cost is determined according to actual expenses after repair. If the cost is increased by reason of any changes in amount of the executed works an additional invoice will be issued, but in case of cost decrease money will be back;

-         an invoice and a report of executed works are drawn up according to actual expenses and sent by a registered letter to the address of consumer after shipment of repaired devices.




Devices are accepted to paid (non-warranty) repair during their service life specified in the operation documents. To perform repairs of devices with expired service life is not reasonable because of high cost of repair commensurable with the cost of new devices.


If you have any questions concerning warranty and paid maintenance of devices please contact the quality control department.