FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.

ГАММА-100 – multifunctional gas analyzer of multi-component mixtures



Fixed automatic multi-component gas analyzer ГАММА-100 is designed for measurement of one, two or three components of the following range: carbon monoxide (СО), carbon dioxide (СО2), methane (СН4), nitric oxide (NО), sulfur dioxide (SO2), oxygen (О2), hydrogen (Н2), nitrogen (N2), helium (Не) in binary and multi-component mixtures.

   Application: monitoring of gas atmospheres in technological processes and during ecological monitoring in various industries.


   Principle of operation:

СО, СН4, NO, SO2 – optical-acoustic;

СО2 – optical-acoustic and thermoconductometric;

Н2, N2, Не – thermoconductometric;

О2 – thermomagnetic and thermoconductometric.


   Sampling – forced, due to overpressure or by means of exterior flow rate pump.

   Operation – continuous.

   Operating position – horizontal.

   Version – general purpose industrial, for installation in non-hazardous areas.

   Ingress protection rating – IP20.



- multifunctionality that allows to simultaneously: display information on measured components; generate current (0-5mA and 4-20mA) and digital RS323, RS485 signals; generate light alarm indicating that the measured component concentration is too high or low, generate light and audible alarms when the set threshold values are reached (2 thresholds) with commutation of external circuits with two groups of switching relay contacts, etc.;

- thermal and moisture compensation increase considerably stability of readings;

- compensation of mutual influence of measured components;

- digital signal processing;

- user-friendly menu;

- self-diagnosis with result display including signals indicating failure of gas analyzer units;

- high-power threshold relays 250V, 2,5А;

- design versions of ГАММА-100 are available, they allow to replace such gas analyzers as ГТМ-5101, ГТВ-1101, ГИАМ-14, ГИАМ-15 and other gas analyzers replaced as a result of upgrading by ГАММА-100 in the process of operation without alteration of mounting location.

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ГАММА-100 – multifunctional gas analyzer of multi-component mixtures


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