FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.
ПИКП-Т – fixed device for monitoring of dust concentration in gas streams (dust counter)

Triboelectric stream dust counter ПИКП-Т is a fixed automatic device of continuous operation designed for dust concentration measuring in non-hazardous dust-gas atmospheres, including dust-gas cleaning systems and combustion gases of fuelburn processing stations of various industrial facilities.

Principle of operation – triboelectric.

ПИКП-Т is a single-unit device with a sensor-bar immersed in stream.


Principle of operation is based on measuring of electric charge appeared during interaction of dust particles moving in gas stream with a sensor-bar. Dust particles during motion relative to a sensor-bar create inductive charge in a sensor-bar, that by means of amplifier transformed into voltage proportional to dust concentration in gas stream. The voltage comes to microprocessor for analysis in compliance with a program, then indication of dust concentration is shown on digital display, switching on/off of light alarm when threshold devices actuated, data indication on current output and communication channel RS485 (protocol MODBUS RTU).


- designed for mounting in non-hazardous areas;
- operating temperatures range  from - 40 to + 50 оС;
- protection from access to dangerous parts, against solid objects and water ingress – IP65;
- permissible service life without readings adjustments – 1 year;
- warranty period – 18 months after the date of shipment to the customer.



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    ПИКП-Т – fixed device for monitoring of dust concentration in gas streams (dust counter)


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