FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.

СТГ-3 – loop gas alarm of toxic and flammable gases


Gas alarm СТГ-3 – are fixed automatic devices of continuous operation designed for personnel protection of  domestic, administrative, public and production plants against deleterious effect of gaseous medium (toxic gas poisoning, excess/lack of oxygen, risk of explosive mixtures explosion).


   СТГ-3 provides measurement of О2 volume fraction; mass concentration of toxic gases – СО, H2S, NO2, SO2, CL2, HCl and NH3; pre-explosive concentrations of  flammable gases (natural gas ГОСТ 5542-87 and liquefied gas ГОСТ 20448-90) in the air of working area; and also alarm actuation when the set threshold values are exceeded.


  Principle of operation – thermochemical (flammable gases) and elecrtochemical (toxic gases).


  Sampling – diffusion.


  Gas alarm СТГ-3 has a building block construction and consists of gas alarm and connection box. Such construction provides:

- easy mounting;

- easy maintenance, calibration and verification;

- degree of protection IP65.


   The device is manufactured in the following versions:

- without digital interface –  gas alarm СТГ-3, with use of power supply and alarm unit БПС-3 and connection box КС ИБЯЛ.426479.045 (or connection box with socket “iButton” КСГ ИБЯЛ.426479.045-01);

- without digital interface (RS485, protocol Modbus RTU) –  gas alarm СТГ-3-И, for use with БПС-3-И and interface connection box КСИ ИБЯЛ.426479.045-02 (or interface connection box with socket “iButton” КСГИ ИБЯЛ.426479.045-04).



- average total service life of thermochemical and electrochemical sensors – 3 years if there are no catalyst poisons and deleterious substances in monitored atmosphere;

- gas alarms are not designed for mounting in hazardous areas;

- operating temperatures range  – from - 40 to +50 оС (for oxygen – from - 20 to + 50 оС);

- protection from access to dangerous parts, against solid objects and water ingress: without connection box – IP20, with box – IP65;

- calibration interval – 6 months;

- verification interval – 1 year;

- warranty period – 24 months for device, 12 months for thermochemical and electrochemical sensors. It is calculated from the date of shipment to the customer.

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СТГ-3 – loop gas alarm of toxic and flammable gases


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