FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.
Equipment for large area objects

    СТГ-3 – loop gas alarm of toxic and flammable gases

    Designed for audible and light alarm generation when harmful substances (СО, H2S, SO2, Cl2, NH3, NO2, HCl), oxygen volume fraction (О2), flammable gases (natural and liquefied) in the air of working areas exceed the preset threshold values.

    Power supply and alarm unit БПС-3

    Designed for power supply of gas alarms СТГ-3 and СТГ-3-И when they are connected in loop, generation of light and audible alarms when any gas alarm in loop is actuated, with simultaneous switching of dry relay contacts on two thresholds.



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      Equipment for large area objects


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