FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.

АНКАТ-310 – portable multi-component gas analyzer for optimization of combustion processes



Portable multi-component gas analyzer for optimization of combustion processes АНКАТ-310 is designed for measurement and calculation of mixture composition of combustion gases, temperature and other necessary parameters for monitoring of combustion processes during commissioning works and operation of low and medium power fuel-firing arrangements running on various types of fuel (gas, coal, mazut, etc.).

   Purpose – optimization of combustion processes and monitoring of environmentally hazardous emissions.

   Application: services of energy providers and organizations that are responsible for repair and adjustment of boiler equipment; companies using fuel-firing arrangements; ecological and gas inspection services.

   Principle of operation – electrochemical.

   Sampling – forced (with the use of a built-in flow rate pump).

   Operating mode – periodic.


   Measured parameters (depending on version):

- concentration of carbon monoxide (СО);

- concentration of oxygen (О2);

- concentration of nitric oxide (NO);

- concentration of sulfur dioxide (SO2);

- pressure/underpressure of gas mixture;

- temperature of gas mixture;

- ambient temperature.


   Calculated parameters (depending on version):

- concentration of carbon dioxide (СО2);

- concentration of sum of nitric oxides (NОх);

- indirect heat balance efficiency;

- excess air coefficient (α);

- heat loss with exhaust gases (Q exh.);

- heat loss because of chemical incompleteness of fuel combustion (Qchem.);

- heat loss with water vapors (Qvap.).


   Operation – non-hazardous areas.

   Ingress protection rating – IP20.

   Gas analyzer is fitted with LCD display with backlight for displaying data on measured and calculated parameters, and interface RS232 for communication with PC.


  Gas analyzer delivery set may include:

-  gas anlyzer;

-  condensate tank;

-  remote sampling probe 300, 500 or 900mm (on demand);

-  frigistor (on demand);

-  thermal printer with infrared link (2 m) and with gas analyzer СМР-10Е5 (on demand);

-  software disk for cooperation with PC, display of monitoring points with real time reference, construction of tables and graphs in accordance with the data received from the gas analyzer.



- compact size and light weight (handheld);

- operating time without calibration 6 months;

- saving of measured and calculated information (up to 200 results), capability to transfer data to PC or print data using thermal printer;

- sensing elements are installed by means of connectors, it is easy to replace them;

- automatic monitoring of failures;

- automatic switch off of flow rate pump in case of overload of concentration of measured components of gas mixture;

- delivery set includes power supply unit;

-         electrochemical cells are produced by Сity Technology Ltd.

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АНКАТ-310 – portable multi-component gas analyzer for optimization of combustion processes


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