FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.

    СОУ1 – carbon oxide gas alarm

    Designed for light and audible alarm generation when carbon oxide concentration exceeds the preset threshold values in air of working and residential premises.

    СГГ-6М – fixed flammable gas alarm

    Designed for continuous automatic monitoring of concentrations of natural or liquefied gases in air of industrial and domestic premises and alarm generation when volume fraction of flammable gases exceeds the preset threshold values.

    СТГ-1 – toxic and flammable gas alarm

    Designed for alarm generation when carbon monoxide and pre-explosive concentration of flammable gases (methane or propane-butane mixture) in air reaches the preset threshold values.

    КЭГ-9720 - electromagnetic gas valves

    Designed for use in remote control system of gas burner units of steam and water boilers, heat-generators, domestic  heating installations and in process pipeline systems for gas flow control as a shut-off-and-regulating element and safety element.

    АНКАТ-310 – portable multi-component gas analyzer for optimization of combustion processes

    Portable multi-component gas analyzer for optimization of combustion processes АНКАТ-310 is designed for measurement and calculation of mixture composition of combustion gases, temperature and other necessary parameters for monitoring of combustion processes during commissioning works and operation of low and medium power fuel-firing arrangements running on various types of fuel (gas, coal, mazut, etc.).



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