FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.


Leak detector of flammable gases ИТ-М Микро is individual automatic device of continuous operation designed for search of leakages of natural gas according ГОСТ 5542-87 or liquefied hydrocarbon gas  according to ГОСТ 20448-90 from pipelines, fitting and technical equipment in hazardous areas of buildings and open spaces; and also the places of leakages of ammonia, hydrocarbons and khladons used as a coolant in refrigerating systems.



   Principle of operation – thermochemical.


Sampling – diffusion.


   ИТ-М Микро provides indication of increase (decrease) of flammable gases concentration in monitored medium in regard to the level accepted conventionally as zero level (background level).


    Leak detector consists of enclosure and thermochemical sensor unit placed on the bar; cable length between sensor and enclosure – 2 m.



- light weight – not more than 0,30 kg (with sensor unit);

- small overall dimensions, mm, not more than: length – 55, width – 50, height 125;

- explosion protection marking – 1ExibdIICT6Gb X;

- protection from access to dangerous parts, against solid objects and water ingress – IP54;

- operating temperatures range  – from - 40 to + 50 оС;

- verification is not required because it is not a measuring device;

- period of indicator continuous operation without recharging – not less than 8 hours in normal conditions;

- average total service life of thermochemical sensor – 5 years in normal conditions;

- warranty period after the date of shipment to the customer:

     - for ИТ-М – 24 months (12 months during operation with ammonia);

     - for thermochemical sensor (ТХД) – 12 months.

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ИТ-М Микро –leak detector of flammable gases


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