FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.

Газоанализатор, газосигнализатор. Назначение, классификация. Бытовой сигнализатор газа.

Gas analyzers

Gas analyzer and gas alarm are devices that measure content (concentration) of one or several components in gas mixtures. Each gas alarm is designed for concentration measurement of only specified components using a specific gas mixture in standardized conditions. Gas analyzer is an irreplaceable device at every place of production, where there is a major risk of gas mixtures concentrations hazardous to human health and life.  In case of hazardous accident a device generates audible and light signal. Gas analyzer is capable to detect gas leakage quickly, for this reason a domestic gas alarm is often used for living spaces.

Regardless of the type of its design each gas analyzer consists of the following main parts:

  • sensing device (also known as sensing element or sensor), where conversion of required gas concentration into measurable electric signal is performed, by means of any measuring method (for example: infrared, thermocatalytic, electrochemical etc.);
  • measuring-indicating module that performs signal processing, its comparison with  specified threshold values (for the purpose of further control of signaling and executive devices), indication of measured values on digital display;
  • power unit that provides a device with energy;
  • enclosure that protects a device against environmental influence.

Depending on the used type of classification gas analyzers can be divided into different groups:


  • electrochemical:


 АНКАТ-7631Микро - переносной газоанализатор токсичных газов или кислорода  Датчик загазованности электрохимический ДАХ-М  СОУ1 - сигнализатор оксида углерода СО


  • thermocatalytic:


 СГГ-20Микро - переносной сигнализатор горючих газов  СТМ-30М - микропроцессорная газоаналитическая система  Датчики-сигнализаторы термохимические ДАТ-М  СГГ-6М - стационарный сигнализатор горючих газов  СГГ10-Б – бытовой сигнализатор горючих газов


  • infrared:



 Детектор газа ДАК ГАММА-100 - многофункциональный газоанализатор многокомпонентных смесей    ГИАМ-315 - газоанализатор суммы углеводородов


  • thermomagnetic:


 ДАМ - датчики-газоанализаторы термомагнитные  ГАММА-100 - многофункциональный газоанализатор многокомпонентных смесей  


  • thermoconductometric:


 ДАМ - датчики-газоанализаторы термомагнитные  ГАММА-100 - многофункциональный газоанализатор многокомпонентных смесей  



  • explosion-proof version;


СГГ-20Микро - переносной сигнализатор горючих газов Детектор газа ДАК
СТМ-30М - микропроцессорная газоаналитическая система
СГГ-20Микро ДАК СТМ-30М


  • industrial version:


 ГАММА-100 - многофункциональный газоанализатор многокомпонентных смесей  СОУ1 - сигнализатор оксида углерода СО  СГГ-6М - стационарный сигнализатор горючих газов СГГ10-Б – бытовой сигнализатор горючих газов


  • special purpose, for example, in mine (АМТ-03) or marine versions certified according to the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register:


 СГГ-20Микро - переносной сигнализатор горючих газов  АНКАТ-7631Микро - переносной газоанализатор токсичных газов или кислорода АНКАТ-7664Микро - переносной многокомпонентный газоанализатор 



  • fixed. Used for continuous automatic tracking of gas/gases concentration; devices have several preset actuation thresholds, when concentration reaches these thresholds external  executive devices (audible and light alarm, ventilation etc.) are switched on through an integral relay; devices have unified analog and digital signals to include a gas analyzer into Automatic Process Control System of enterprise;


СТМ-30М - микропроцессорная газоаналитическая система
 Детектор газа ДАК  ДАМ - датчики-газоанализаторы термомагнитные  ГАММА-100 - многофункциональный газоанализатор многокомпонентных смесей


  • transportable. Devices that are used periodically during working day. Due to relatively light weight and small dimensions such gas analyzer can be transported to a place of measurements performance;


 Палладий-3М – газоанализатор окиси углерода    


  • portable, or individual. Devices are used when it is necessary to perform continuous tracking of target gas/gases (for example, H2S on drilling rig) directly in the place of worker location to provide his personal protection. In this case gas analyzer is fastened on clothes (helmet), gas analyzer must have minimum dimensions and weight sufficient in order to perform the functions and not interfere with human work simultaneously.


 АНКАТ-7631Микро - переносной газоанализатор токсичных газов или кислорода  СГГ-20Микро - переносной сигнализатор горючих газов  АНКАТ-7664Микро - переносной многокомпонентный газоанализатор



  • single-unit (practically all transportable and portable devices, some fixed devices);
  • multiple-unit (as a rule, fixed devices).

There are other types of gas analyzers classification.

As far as one can not properly to select gas analyzer and gas alarm for task solution without substantial knowledge in related sectors of science and technology, we recommend to use support of the specialists.

Technical support service of FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is always ready to help you, please feel free to contact us with any questions by phone (4812) 31-11-68, 31-07-64, 31-07-04.



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Газоанализатор, газосигнализатор. Назначение, классификация.  Бытовой сигнализатор газа.


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