FSUE “SPA “Analitpribor” is one of the leaders of gas-analysis instrument engineering in the Russian Federation. Production of gas-analysis equipment is from 1960.

History of FSUE SPA "Analitpribor"


-         In accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 1009 of 25.07.1956 and the Resolution of Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 1197 of 24.08.1956 decision was made to build a plant of accessories and standards in Smolensk. Orel branch "Gipropribor" was charged with project development.


-         In accordance with the Resolution of Council of National Economy of Smolensk economic administrative region No. 145 of 20.04.1960 since 1.04.1960 Smolensk plant of automation equipment with manufacturing capacity 10 million rubles per year became one of the operating plants in the city.


-         Leningrad special design bureau for analytical instrument engineering of Academy of Sciences of the USSR launched assemblage and adjustment of the first gas analyzers in April.


-         Optical-acoustic gas analyzer of OA2109-2309 type for analysis of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane was demonstrated at Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of the USSR and at international exhibition in Turin where it was highly praised by specialists.


-         In accordance with the Regulation of Council of National Economy of Moscow economic region No. 766 of 13.07.1963 the following Smolensk plants were consolidated: "Plant of automation equipment", "Usilitel" and the plant "Potentiometer" that was being built at the time. "Smolensk plant of automation equipment and analytical equipment" ("Plant of automation equipment") was set up.


-         Special design bureau was set up at the enterprise.


-         The enterprise started working according to zero-defects production system.


-         It was the first time in Smolensk region when four products made at the enterprise got the state Certification mark.


-         Special design bureau for automated gas-analysis systems was set up in November.


-         In accordance with the Order of the USSR Ministry of Instrument-Making, Automation Facilities and Control Systems No. 163 of 10.06.1977 Smolensk production association "Analitpribor" was set up including Smolensk plant of automation equipment (parent enterprise) and Special design bureau for automated gas-analysis systems focusing on design and manufacturing of gas-analysis systems and equipment based on methods of gas analysis and radio-frequency spectroscopy.


-         A new engineering building No. 4 with total area of about 19 000 m2 holding machine shops of mainline production, electroplating shop with paint and varnish section was put into operation.


-         In accordance with the Resolution of the regional council of trade unions of 19.04.1990 Smolensk production association "Analitpribor" was donated with Kolodnya training and sports base of regional council of VDFSO trade unions (at present – recreation center of the enterprise).


-         Test center was established at the enterprise.


-         Specialized scientific production laboratory of electrochemical cells was set up.

-         Specialized scientific production laboratory of sensing elements was set up (thermal conductivity).


-         Metrological service of the enterprise was certified to perform calibration according to "The requirements to calibration performance".


-         On the basis of bylaws of the enterprise approved by the Order of Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation of 31.03.1999 and the Resolution of the head of Smolensk administration No. 684 of 21.04.1999 the enterprise was given the present name “Federal state unitary enterprise “Smolensk production association “Analitpribor”” (FSUE SPA “Analitpribor”


-         Test center of the enterprise was certified as State Centre for Testing Measuring Instruments in the field of gas analysis.


-         In accordance with the Resolution of the Russian Federation government No. 502-p of 31.05.2005 the enterprise was passed under the control of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.


-         The quality management system of the enterprise was certified according to the system ISO 9001-2001.


-         Assembly shop No. 3 was reconstructed with adoption of technology of surface mounting of assemblies on printed circuit boards.


-         Reconstruction of electroplating shop was finished.

-         Automated finished-products storage area was put into operation.


-         Blank production section was reconstructed and modernized with advanced equipment.


-         The assembly workshop No.1 was reconstructed.



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